May 2022

Investir dans la pierre en Israel: les achats sur plan sont en hausse notoire

2021 restera tres certainement dans les annales avec un chiffre record de transactions immobilières (plus de 150,000nis), mais également une augmentation significative du nombre d'appartements acquis pour investissement (plus de 23% du total des transactions). Une analyse plus approfondie révèle une augmentation sensible du nombre d'appartements d'investissement achetés sur plan, c est a dire auprès...

The Red Line of the Tram in Tel-Aviv is again postponed and will probably be opened on 2023

Representatives of the Ministry of Transport and the NTA Metropolitan Mass Transit System Ltd. have met to discuss the auditing company's report that the opening of the Red Line of the Tel Aviv Metropolitan Area light rail will be delayed by several months. NTA had initially committed to the launch of commercial operations in October 2021 and then in November 2022. But the company that audits...

The Levontin district in Tel-Aviv: an extraordinary real estate rehabilitation

The district of Levontin or Gan Ha'hasmal is certainly one of the greatest successes in terms of rehabilitation and renewal of a district. Ranked today by the British Telegraph in the top 10 of the most "cool and trendy" neighborhoods in the world, Levontin is an enclave, made up of only 4 small streets: Levontin, Ha'hashmal, Barzilai, and Mikve Israel, all with at most 35 numbers! Located between Allenby...

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